Advantages of Having Good Website Design

web design bWhy online shop is left by online consumers easily are you aware? Yeah…there are several reasons, among the reasons is poor website design. The consumers are often not thinking about moving or searching for items they need, if online shop website doesn’t have great website design. They often abandon the website in moments. Hence, if you’re an internet store owner, you’ve to design your website well. If you need help, contact Cakra Studio soon. For more information, visit this homepage.

Having great website design you could possibly get numerous benefits, such as:

Attract more online customers. Having good website design you provide comfort for guests when they’re moving and locating items that they need, particularly if you’ve good merchandise groups and handle additional items tidily. Besides, they’ll be thinking about transacting with you constantly and visiting your website.

Improve customers’ reliability. Some web developers genuinely believe that web show may represent how severe your dedication in internet business. Log in button, monitor purchase button, etc. you’ve to prepare yourself to be left by them quickly, if your website appears where clients get any troubles to find store button disorganized. In comparison, having great website design you ultimately demonstrate that the shop is trusted one. Customers’ reliability is increased by it for item and your shop.

Boost revenue price. In moving in your website comfort is among the elements that can attract online customers to complete deal particularly if they can locate and purchase items that they need quickly. Hence, you are able to improve revenue price quickly.

Banks that Offer Mortgage Loan

bankkAlong with the times, the bank not only is a place for customers to save money but also a place to borrow some money for customers who want a home loan. Here are a few banks in Indonesia that offer loans for kredit rumah.

Bank Central Asia (BCA)

Bank Central Asia (BCA) is one of the largest private banks in Indonesia. Banks established in 1967 offers 3 categories for mortgage loans.

  1. Regular mortgage BCA. Criteria of this product that the interest rate is smaller than other products namely 9.50%, installments offered was lower than that of other products namely IDR 2,330,328, and there are no redemption penalty period.
  2. KPR BCA Fix & Cap. Criteria of this product that interest rates are among the other products offered by the Bank is 9.90%, so even with installment offered IDR 2,396,014, however, the BCA gave approximately 3 year repayment penalty for this product.
  3. Extra mortgage BCA. Criteria of this product that the interest rate and repayments respectively greater among other products, respectively about 10% and IDR 2,412,554. However, the bank does not specify a penalty settlement in this product.

State Savings Bank or BTN

State Savings Bank or BTN is a state-owned bank in the form of PT. Banks established in 1897 was first named Postwar Bank. The Bank not only offers loans for home loans, but also offers loans to credit apartment and shop.

Given the state have, if the bank offers a reasonable interest rate (7.25%) and the lowest installments (IDR 1,975,940) than other banks due to get subsidies from the government.



Visiting Waterfall when Traveling in Bali

waterfall2Do you want to holiday? The temple is situated between Java and Sumatra may be confident this may allow you to mesmerized, especially with regards to areas offered it. You’re interested to see Bali Indonesia? In that case, as well as also ensure the coast to see the fountain.

Falls Blemantung

Fountain in the center of the coffee plantation essentially has 3 falls. Of the three falls, the very first waterfall that will just be observed and visited the waterfall since the second and third hard- to -reach spot.

Your journey will undoubtedly be combined with terraced rice landscape and coffee farms, to help you to attain the place of the fountain, intriguing isn’t it?

Falls Tegunungan

Quick waterfall plus natural bushes surrounding the waterfall goes to create a helpful at finding awesome. You’ll need to learn, along with the waterfall there’s a water feature that you may use to bath. People usually make use of the bath water to drink as it is quite distinct. Nevertheless, to attain the fountain you’ve to descend countless methods and down the lake.

Tegunungan Falls is really a fountain situated in the community of Kemenuh, Region of Sukawati, Gianyar, and Bali. Fountain that will be approximately 16-km from Denpasar includes a level of approximately 4 measures using a rather large movement of water.

Make Your Girl Happy

datingWhen failing to make your girl happy, there is a big possibility for your relationship to be broken sooner or later. This happens because she usually feels uncomfortable and unhappy anymore. To prevent this problem, make her happy as well as possible. How? Do several things below:

Buy chocolate. Generally, most girls like eating chocolate. Because of this, buy chocolate when having more money. Remember to choose high quality and good chocolate and avoid buying it excessively, so she does not deal with health disorder or obesity at last.

Do fun things together. There are many fun things that you can do together, such as: doing sports, cooking, attending college party together, and much more. Remember to discuss what activity that you want to do with her first, so you and your sweetheart can enjoy doing it.

Apologize soon when doing mistakes. If you already do any mistakes, like cheating on her or misunderstanding, apologize soon. Remove your prestige and egoism in your mind if you feel lazy to do it. Keep in mind that by doing this you already show that you are not selfish and want to fix your mistakes. Do it sincerely, so she wants to forgive gladly and your relationship with her is in good condition.

Additionally, you have to forgive her sincerely when she does any mistakes. Realize that nobody is perfect. This means that everyone surely ever does mistake. Thus, forgiving her soon if you want to make her happy and maintain relationship with her. God bless you. :)

Spend Free Time at Novotel

After meeting clients at Hotel Novotel Lampung, some of my friends decided to travel and surround Bandar Lampung. Meanwhile, I decided to spend my free time at Novotel. I did this because there were many fun activities that I could do, such as:

fitness centerGo to fitness center. To keep my body’s health and release my stress, I went to fitness center. At this facility, I found many fitness amenities, such as: treadmill, airdyne bike, burble, etc. I could do weight training to train my muscles. At that moment, I did weight training for 45 minutes and then spent for 10 minutes to burn calories by using treadmill.

Swim at indoor heated pool. After doing sport at fitness center, I relax my body and refresh my mind by swimming at indoor heated pool. My body felt fresher and better after swimming. Anyway, Hotel Novotel Lampung also has outdoor unheated pool. I did not use this pool because at that moment, there were many guests who used it.

Have fun at nightclub. When night came in, I visited nightclub. Similar to other guests, I visited this place to have fun while listening to music and drinking soft drink. The best part was I could meet a beautiful girl and dance together with her. I went to my room at 11.00 p.m. I washed my face and then went to sleep.

Well, if you want to do the same activities like me, visit Hotel Novotel Lampung that is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto 136, Bandar Lampung soon, okay!

Pulau Kubur Lampung

pulau kubur LampungBagi Anda yang ingin menghabiskan liburan di Lampung, perluas pengetahuan Anda mengenai potensi wisata yang ada di sana. Jangan hanya terpaku pada objek wisata yang sudah terkenal saja seperti Pantai Pasir Putih. Untuk itu, mari membahas salah satu tempat wisata yang tak kalah indahnya dan tidak boleh dilewatkan, yakni Pulau Kubur. Tempat ini harus dikunjungi apabila salah satu tujuan wisata Anda adalah Pantai Puri Gadung karena lokasinya yang tidak jauh.

Pulau Kubur adalah sebuah pulau yang berada di kawasan Teluk Lampung, tepatnya di Teluk Betung Barat. Keindahan pemandangan alam yang ditawarkan di Pulau Kubur ini tidak kalah menariknya dengan objek wisata  lain yang sudah terkenal di Lampung. Di Pulau Kubur, Anda juga dapat merasakan sejuknya alam, melihat jernihnya air, dan memandangi langit biru.

Yang akan membuat liburan Anda nyaman dan berkesan adalah sepinya pengunjung di Pulau Kubur. Yap, pulau ini sangat cocok jika Anda ingin rileks dan menghilangkan rasa stress. Tambahan lagi, Anda bisa memancing di Pulau Kubur seluas lima hektar ini.

Lombok oh Lombok

lombok2Bisa dibilang Lombok adalah pulau favoritku. Aku lahir di sana, namun karena harus ikut orang tua pindah tugas, aku terpaksi tinggal di Surabaya sejak SD. Sebenarnya sih aku masih sangat bersyukur karena walaupun aku pindah dari tempat kelahiran namun tidak terlalu jauh sehingga aku masih bisa selalu ke Lombok kapanpun aku mau.

Ya, siapa yang mau melupakan tempat kelahiran nan eksotis? Coba bayangkan kalau saja saat itu aku pindah ke pulau Sumatera; bisa dipastikan kalau aku tak akan bisa sering ke Lombok, bahkan mungkin malah tak akan pernah melihat Lombok lagi. Oh…tak sanggup. Hatiku benar-benar terpaut oleh pesona Lombok, terutama sejak aku mulai bolak-balik Surabaya-Lombok sejak SMA.

Aku mulai paham betul bagaimankah Lombok dan segala pesonanya. Lombok punya deretan tempat wisata terkenal. Itu belum seberapa, akhir-akhir ini aku baru tahu dan sadar kalau Lombok ternyata masih menyimpan berpuluh tempat elok yang tersembunyi, contohnya Pantai Sekongkang. Lombok oh Lombok, rasanya seluruh pulaumu menakjubkan.

Harus Bagaimana ketika Penampilan Anda Diejek?

mockedAnda berencana untuk menjadi pusat perhatian dengan cara tampil mengikuti fashion yang sedang nge-trend saat ini namun hasilnya nol besar dan malah ada yang mengejek bahwa penampilan Anda jelek? Saat sedang berada dalam kondisi ini, ada dua hal yang harus Anda lakukan, yaitu:

  • Kendalikan emosi. Ketika Anda diejek orang, usahakan jangan sampai emosi Anda meluap dan memperdebatkan hal tersebut. Ini adalah hal yang biasa karena setiap orang mempunyai pendapat dan penilaian yang berbeda-beda, bukan? Oleh sebab itu, tahan emosi Anda dan abaikan saja. Jika yang mengejek adalah teman Anda sendiri, balas ejekan mereka tersebut dengan senyuman.
  • Evaluasi dan perbaiki diri. Selanjutnya, Anda harus mengevaluasi diri apakah benar penampilan Anda seburuk yang orang bilang? Jika Anda merasa nyaman dan percaya diri, mengapa tidak? Abaikan saja orang-orang yang mengejek tersebut. Namun, jangan lupa untuk meminta pendapat orang terdekat juga. Jika mereka bilang penampilan Anda aneh, perbaiki segera dan tunjukkan bahwa Anda tidak demikian.

Hal-Hal Umum Memilih Hotel

hotel lampung4Langkah pertama yang harus Anda lakukan sebelum berlibur adalah melakukan pemesanan salah satu hotel yang ada di tempat tujuan.  Hal ini bertujuan untuk memudahkan Anda setelah sampai di kota tujuan dan menghindarkan dari kehabisan kamar sesuai dengan keinginan atau kebutuhan Anda. Biasanya ada beberapa hal umum yang dipertimbangkan sebelum memilih hotel. Apa saja?

  • Fasilitas. Fasilitas hotel memang sangat penting untuk dipertimbangkan karena fasilitas hotel merupakan penunjang kenyamanan Anda selama menginap di hotel tersebut. Adapun beberapa fasilitas yang biasa dicarai yakni tempat bermain anak, tempat spa, coffee shop, bar, restoran, pusat bisnis, ruang rapat, dan lain-lain.
  • Pelayanan. Di sisi lain, hal umum yang biasa dipertimbangkan adalah pelayanan yang diberikan oleh hotel tersebut. Pelayanan ini dapat dilihat dari tanggapan atau saran yang diberikan oleh orang yang pernah menginap di hotel tersebut.
  • Tarif. Hal umum yang biasa dipertimbangkan sebelum memilih hotel adalah tarif yang ditawarkan oleh hotel tersebut. Tak jarang orang membandingkan tarif di setiap hotel untuk mendapatkan tarif yang sesuai budget.

Mitos Seputar Jerawat

jerawatAda banyak mitos seputar jerawat yang terus menjadi makanan masyarakat ramai, khususnya para remaja saat ini. Mitos tersebut tidak semuanya benar dan bahkan ada yang berdampak buruk untuk kesehatan kulit wajah itu sendiri. Apakah kamu tahu apa sajakah mitos tersebut? Jika tidak, simak informasinya di bawah ini:

Menggunakan uap untuk mengatasi jerawat. Mitos ini membuat banyak orang berasumsi bahwa dengan menggunakan uap, jerawat akan cepat mengecil dan hilang dari wajah. Asumsi ini salah besar karena pada dasarnya uap membuat pori-pori kulit wajah terbuka dan rentan untuk dimasuki oleh bakteri yang dapat menimbulkan jerawat.

Sesering mungkin mencuci muka saat berjerawat. Mencuci muka sangat dianjurkan saat jerawatan. Namun, ini tidak berarti bahwa kamu harus mencuci muka sesering mungkin. Sadarilah bahwa terlalu sering mencuci muka dengan sabun atau krim tertentu dapat membuat zat kimia dari sabun merusak sel-sel kulit. Alhasil, jerawat akan tumbuh lebih subur di wajah.

Sun tanning dapat membebaskan wajah dari jerawat. Sun tanning atau membuat kulit menjadi kecokelatan tidak dapat menghilangkan jerawat tapi hanya akan memicu jerawat untuk tumbuh lebih banyak lagi.